> What are the Bar Bots?

The Bar Bots are a generative collection of visually unique digital art toys you can play with.

> Who are the Bar Bots?

They are degen robots who work hard but play harder!

A population organized into 8 guilds and 8 occupations.

Their guilds are the 8 alcohol spirits: Beer, Brandy, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey, and Wine.

Their vocations include: Factory Owners, Foreman and Workers, and Club Owners, Bartenders, Waiters, Bouncers ,and DJs.

Their designs are inspired by the robots we love and meant to bring a smile to your face

> How do I get a Bar Bot?

Initially, you can purchase a Bar Bot during a Happy Hour mint window.

> What is a mint?

The mint is the process of purchasing and receiving a randomly selected unique Bar Bot. The transaction and your ownership will be verified on the Solana blockchain.

> What will I get if I mint?

A beautifully rendered image of your unique bot; Access to your unique bot's geometry in the form of an FBX file and a fully animatable Autodesk Maya rig (sometime after mint is sold out) ; Many commercial rights (details coming soon) ; Access to the Bar Bots network and sandboxes to play in with your bot.

> Who are you?

We are the animators, technologists, collaborators, and conspirators at Box Rocket Studio who have built a factory that will assemble booze bots from over 200 hand-crafted parts.

> Why drinking robots?

We are fans of the Happy Hour. We believe coming together with the intent on being happy is important. Happy Hour is where you meet with friends, come up with and scribble great ideas on the back of cocktail napkins, as well as tell and make great stories. And robots, well because until they become our mechanical overlords, who doesn’t love robots?

> Mint Details

When: We will be hosting weekly Happy Hour mint windows.

Follow us on twitter X for all the official timing information @barbotsofficial

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